First of all, Phuong Nam Limited Company wish all of you have the good health and a lot of success in life!

With the pleasure, we can see that staff is the most important part in the successful development of company. So, with the ideal to serve the employee a meal with good quality and fresh, our company was born to work with the responsibility “Quality makes the long success”.

Lasting more than 8 years of development, we’ve already have a lot of experience for serving the catering to factory and supply the fresh food to ship yard onshore and offshore. With the advantage to work in 2 areas: fresh and cooked, cooperated with lot of customers that have best requirement in supply food, our company have developed a team of skilled staff and infrastructure, machine to serve our best for demand of client, this is the special part of us.

Fire tests Gold” but we can’t let the health of our staff to be test. Our company give the many thanks to all of the customer, and we promise to try our best for long lasting with our relationship.

Best Regards!

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